Climate change may be "corporate driven," but most corporations are "military driven." Because not only is war immensely profitable, but the corporations need cheap labor and natural resources from abroad to be profitable, and the military is the ultimate guarantor of the availability of those vital assets at the best possible price.

Conversely, the military needs those corporations to produce all the goods and services they need in order to do what they do. Not for nothing did Eisenhower dub it "the military industrial complex." It is no coincidence that a disproportionate number of CEO's are West Point alumni. And they stand up for one another just like any other frat.

In particular, the military needs cheap and abundant oil-based fuels to fight its wars (all of which are these days undeclared, in case you hadn't noticed). And even the Pentagon's budget is nowhere near big enough to enable them to find, drill, and refine all the oil they need; they absolutely need the rest of us to chip in by keeping the economy hooked on fossil fuels. And the top brass knows this very well!.

In summary, the RDP (and almost everyone else) needs to pay a lot more attention to the role of militarism in the climate crisis. You might begin by reading Oil, Power and War " by Matthieu Auzanneau.

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Hi Timothy, thanks for this. I just wanted to flag in case you're interested that we put out a Pentagon-specific chapter of our climate-oriented corporate crackdown report series last year that focuses on the role of militarism in exacerbating the climate crisis.... https://therevolvingdoorproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Corporate-Crackdown-Project-Climate-1.pdf starts on page 82!

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It is ever more outrageous that even as our senses tell us clearly about the state of our world, we cannot seem to put moral pressure on those who would continue down this path. In any sane world their villainy would be public knowledge and subject to the slings and arrows of those who want the planet to survive. The only hope we have is the moral sanction we can apply to those who have actively made the choice to do well rather do right.

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