The Revolving Door Project Launches Website

The Revolving Door Project is pleased to announce the launch of its first-ever dedicated web home. This new website makes it easier than ever to learn who we are, what we are about, and what is keeping us busy. 

Visit to see a record of much of the project’s work since its founding, including blog posts, op-eds, public comments, letters, and FOIA requests. Also, be sure to check out the Revolving Door Project and the Demand Progress Education Fund’s newly-launched Agency Spotlight, which is easily accessible from our new homepage. 

Reporters who are looking for new sources should take note of our “Staff” page, which includes biographies and key areas of focus for the members of our growing team. Please reach out if you’d like to talk. 

Finally, if you are a grassroots fan of RDP’s work, we encourage you to click “Support Us” and make a contribution to help keep the project going strong!

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